Our Mission

Not Just TV is distinctly different. It is an online channel bringing education to kids through the side door! It is about sowing seeds and inspiring.

Not Just TV aims to encourage kids to ask questions, interact, and create their own content – get involved, be part of it. It offers content not available on mainstream TV, much of it presented and created by kids – kids teaching each other, inspiring and sharing.

The content ideas and strands will be developed, steered and curated by a team of creative and experienced professionals from all walks of life, committed to sharing new and old wisdom, building a platform for the children to find their voice, create, share and inspire.

Crucially this will be A SAFE PLACE ONLINE where kids and parents can trust the content. All content will be filtered and administered before being available on the channel. Those of us who have children know just how easy it is for kids to find themselves viewing unsuitable online content, so by having all the different programmes and entertainment on one site means it will be a place kids and parents can trust online, where everything will be vetted to be appropriate before uploaded.

Not Just TV doesn’t just rework the old stuff it’s making a whole new world of inspirational content. Our aim is to become an internationally recognized pinnacle of online resource, delivering engaging programming.